People Working in Computational Epigenetics

Research Group Leader


Former Group Members

  • Avinash Sahu (research student 2012) - now PhD student at the US NIH and University of Maryland
  • Konstantin Halachev (PhD student 2007-2012) - now software developer at Fredhopper
  • Lars Feuerbach (PhD student 2007-2011) - now postdoc at DKFZ Heidelberg
  • Pavlo Lutsik (Master student 2009-2010) - now PhD student at Saarland University
  • Peter Sch üffler (Master student 2007-2008) - now PhD student at ETH Z ürich
  • Martin Kircher (Master student 2006-2007) - now postdoc at Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Leipzig
  • Enrico Glaab (Bachelor student 2006) - now postdoc at EMBL Heidelberg